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How to get a free SSL certificate for your website

Hi guys, here we are bring the goods as usual. Today I’m gonna show how you can get a free SSL certificate for your website.

You’ve certainly noticed that annoying messages “this website is not secured”, when you were just browsing random sites. The problem is that HTTP protocol is getting old and replaced by HTTPS – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure for safety reasons.

To get HTTPS as default option for your website, you need a SSL certificate created and applied to your web files. The easiest way to do this is to go to –

Now – after you enter your website URL in that field, you will be ask to upload some file generated by site for verification purposes. When you are done verifying your website, your free SSL certificate can be generated. Just follow instructions given – if you have a WordPress website you’ll have to change default address from http to https in your Settings, but also you’ll need to edit .htaccess file. Sounds complicated, but it’s not really. After you finish all necessary details – you’ll have secured website. This SSL license will expire after 3 months, so you should then renew it (the same way), so monitor your website for that dates.

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